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Dear Mr. Blumenthal:

Posted by jkhutchins on May 18, 2010

First off, bad move passing yourself off as a veteran.  That is one sin I am not inclined to get over.  Especially in light of your deferments.  Serving in combat in wartime is a heroic act, even if it was against one’s will.  Taking credit for risking your life is not acceptable if you were safe at home while someone else unwillingly took your place.

But that is not why we are here.

Pushing prostitutes off of Craigslist was a very misguided idea.  Prostitution never goes away.  People have been trying for centuries now.  It is just not going to happen.  So, if you really want to do something about it, let prostitutes find a seedy corner and let them stay there.  If you chase them out, they just go somewhere else.  MySpace was very tiresome for the prostitutes.  But Craigslist was perfect.  People who wanted such services knew exactly where to look and everyone was happy.

Online prostitution is a good thing.  You have less sex workers on the street.  It can all stay out of the public view.  Since prostitution is NOT EVER going away, just let people have parameters in which to work.  In fact, if everyone knows and understands the rules, everyone is happier.  Those of us who don’t want to be involved with that particular trade can go on with our lives, wilfully ignorant.  It is the next best option after legalizing and regulating the sex trade.

But, once you disrupt that balance, the prostitutes need to find a new way to advertise.  Now I am getting a slew of requests for people to join my network.  None of them I know, and most of them talking about their hot bodies and how much they want to meet me.  Iwant them to go back to Craigslist where they belong.

Prostitution is NEVER going away.  So let sleeping dogs lie for the sake of the rest of us.


One Response to “Dear Mr. Blumenthal:”

  1. “Selling is legal. Farking is legal. Why isn’t selling farking legal?”

    — George Carlin

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