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Part V: Just Like Starting Over

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Posted by jkhutchins on June 2, 2010

I am a junkie for fortunetelling devices.  I love them.  Now, I do have rules.  The most important of these is that there be no human intervention.  This is vital.  I love random chance.  Being manipulated, unintentionally or not, is a whole different story.

Am I aware this is pure superstition?  Of course.  But machines of random chance give me an artificial sense of control over a random universe.  Even as I know it is completely artificial, it gives me comfort.   People need belief emotionally.  This is how mine manifests.

I adore my Magic 8 ball.  I am dependent on it.  At the same time, I am also very aware that it is skewed towards towards yes.  This is a useful insight.  If I pay attention to how I structure the questions, I know what response I want.  I probably know this already, but I tend to think more about the details as I fine tune the questions while I am trying to get the answer I want.

Likewise, my I Ching set is great (mine is a deck of cards, even though classically it is coins or yarrow stalks).  The I Ching, like a tarot deck, says as much about me as it does about the universe.  The cards are so fuzzy, I can pounce upon whatever answer I want.  Do the cards tell me anything I don’t know?  Of course not.  Does it give me insight into my own thought process?  Very much so.  Plus, Dirk Gently had an I Ching calculator and Philip K. Dick used the I Ching in the classic Man in the High Castle.

Am I giving up my Magic 8 Ball, knowing as I do that it is ultimately meaningless?  I know it’s superstition.  You can only pry it out of my cold dead hands.


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