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Archive for June 15th, 2010

Dear Miley Cyrus

Posted by jkhutchins on June 15, 2010

I feel that someone should point out to you that you have been making a lot of bad decisions over the last few months.  I think you should start taking the longer view of your career.  I’m guessing you think you have; you are desperately trying to shed the wholesome Disney image and prove you are a woman now.

That is not what you are doing.

What you are doing is displaying yourself as a vapid, self-involved, desperate and trashy human being.  You had a huge head start, being groomed by Disney.  You had a huge head start, having family in the business.  Now you are trying to throw all that away.  Are you sure that your new audience will be as big as your old one?  There is much more competition in the adult market and parents won’t be buying their daughters your concert tickets and CDs.  Your new fanbase favors piracy.   You were printing money, but you wanted to be more authentic to yourself, apparently.  Pop tarts are a dime a dozen, and very few last long.  You appear to be trying to emulate Britney Spears.. look how that worked out for her.

Now, as to your wardrobe and image.  You are trying far too hard.  It shows.  You are begging for attention, and it just looks pathetic.  More juvenile than your prior image, to be honest.  Being that obvious just creates contempt, and undermines any serious, long term aspirations you might have.  Additionally, how much more extreme can you really go?  You went for the major shock so quick you didn’t leave yourself a lot of room for your next stunt.  Madonna got away with much of what you are trying to do because she was older and knew what she was doing, but also because she went to the trouble of building up her career first.  She didn’t bare it all up front.

Giving your manager a lap dance?  Please.  The main response that got was ICK.  You don’t need an older guy.  You are supposed to be young and hot and have your pick of the litter.  Sleazy older guys make you look cheap.  You need to show some self-respect for your image’s sake.

And kissing girls is so done.  The shock value is gone.  Once again, you are trying too hard and it shows.  Unless you want to start having sex with animals I’m not quite sure what you can do in that direction that Madonna hasn’t already taken the edge off of.  Naked and actually masturbating?  Maybe.  Although in most jurisdictions I suspect that would get you arrested, and absolutely would at an all-ages show.

One major thing you need to do is stop giving interviews.  You really need to stop giving interviews.  They make you look really, really bad.  Because you demonstrate no humility, your teenage preening makes you look incredibly shallow.  In a very unattractive way.  Britney Spears appears to have serious mental illness.  Lindsay Lohan has at best serious substance abuse problems.  You just appear to be a self-obsessed twit.  It’s not unheard of at your age, but I am appalled your handlers aren’t doing a better job of masking that.  I promise you, you aren’t deep.  Your thoughts are not more meaningful than us mere mortals.  And you aren’t going to get any sympathy once your audience dries up on you.  Real problems will get goodwill back.  Ego won’t.

The other thing.  I’m not sure it’s really a good idea to flip off the Mouse.  Disney can really hurt you if they decide to blackball you; they control a lot of the media.  That’s how you got so popular in the first place, remember?

I half hope you can get your act together.  Otherwise, start looking for a rich guy with a steady income for when your career dies.


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Okay, I can’t stand this.

Posted by jkhutchins on June 15, 2010

This is going to be a legal and political rant.  I am going to be wildly and self-righteously liberal, so you may want to exit now.

Some people are arguing that gay marriage is a violation of freedom of religion.

It isn’t.  Full stop.

Freedom of religion is protected under the First Amendment.  This is protected in two ways; the government may not favor one religion, and an individual is free to worship as they please (although there are health and safety issues, and as a general rule you can’t violate the law).

Gay marriage violates neither.  Full stop.

Gay marriage does not favor any religion.  There is no religious practice that I can think of that demands gay marriage. There is however an argument that exclusive male-female marriage is a Judao-Christian construct, and as such is an imposition of religion.  I am going to leave that point aside.

So, is gay marriage stopping anyone from worshipping their particular deity?  No it is not.  Freedom of religion does not shelter you from practices you find repugnant.  You are not shielded from things you don’t believe in.  You have the right to withdraw from situations that upset you; you have the right to protest when the government appears to be imposing religion upon you (although that definition can vary).  You are NOT entitled to impose your religion on others when general society acts in ways you think violates your beliefs.  That is violating the freedom of worship of others and they are just as entitled to it as you are.

Americans should be happy about this.  I would just as soon not live under Sharia.

Freedom of religion, to a large extent, does not exempt people from following the law.  Accommodations may be made, but they frequently aren’t.  Just like people can’t legally violate the civil rights of minorities no matter how racist they are, Muslims cannot legally discriminate against women, Christians cannot legally discriminate against Jews, and religious individuals can not violate laws meant to protect the gay population.  This includes discriminating against gay marriage.  If it is legal, that marriage is a fact and discriminating against it in a laic setting is violating the law.  People used religion as an excuse for discriminating against miscegenation  too.  Exceptions usually are made for religious settings; priests are unlikely to be forced to perform ceremonies they are morally opposed to.

Outside of that – you are stuck with living in a country with the First Amendment, both pros and cons.

*usual not legal advice disclaimer*

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